Get Schooled in Entrepreneurship: New Book Says Startups Can Be Low Risk

School for Startups

School for StartupsMy friend, and serial entrepreneur, Jim Beach has just published his first book School for Startups, and I’m fascinated by it for several reasons.

I’m fascinated because Beach and his coauthors make the point that entrepreneurship is not about risk.

I’m fascinated because they state that being an entrepreneur is not about creativity.

I’m fascinated because in School for Startups they challenge most entrepreneur’s notions of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

And I’m fascinated by what this all might mean for those of us who work for entrepreneurs.

Get Schooled the Right Way
In School for Startups the authors lay out a methodical, low-stress, low-risk plan for starting a business. This is a 100 percent departure from any startup I’ve worked for.

As I stated, I know Mr. Beach personally and professionally. I’ve even interviewed him for this blog, and for an upcoming book. He is an authority on entrepreneurship.

Jim Beach, author of School for Startups

Mr. Beach in the (html coded) flesh

He is also an authority in the areas of risk and creativity. He is a highly creative business man, who has worked in a high-stress startup. One that appeared to have been very risky at times.

He also appears to have learned an easier path to getting it done.

That path makes it easier not only for the entrepreneur, but also for the employees involved in the startup. Do yourself a favor and follow his path.

I highly recommend that you check out School for Startups: The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less. If not for your benefit, then for the benefit of your entrepreneur boss.

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