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New Guide Reveals: Why Getting a Startup Job is Not Like Any Other Job Search

Startups are different animals. Purple polka-dotted pony different. So tactics designed for the corporate world don't work. If you're looking for (or hiring for) a startup job, you need this guide.  (HINT: start by throwing out your resume.)

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ENTREPRENEURS - give this guide to potential new hires to see if they're a fit for a startup


In this Guide You'll Discover...

  • 40 Top Tips

    Forty entrepreneurs tell exactly what you need to do to get hired. (Hint: start by contacting them directly.)

  • How to Impress

    Learn what entrepreneurs are looking for from potential new hires. (Hint: prior experience doesn’t top the list.)

  • How to Stand Out

    Learn exactly what to say and do to stand out in the job seeking crowd. (Hint: you won’t be talking about you.)

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