Startup Jobs – 22 jobs that won’t be available for long

Get a startup job - positions available now

Don’t think you’ll be wearing one of those in any of these jobs.

Looking for a new startup job? I gotcha covered!

What I don’t have are any technical chops when it comes to video. Really, you wouldn’t believe how bad some of the Three to Get Ready video interviews are that I haven’t posted yet. The content is fabulous. The tips from entrepreneurs are great. My technical skills suck, although I do collaborate at times with my friend on his Youtube channel and that’s when I found out there is quite a number of ways to get youtube views on the videos. As he is a motivational speaker and works as an HR in a company, I am quite up to date on the recent job opening, especially related to startup companies. So when ever I look at a video which says job openings I wonder if I would fit in them.

But, since each one of these videos also mentions startup jobs open now, I don’t want to wait to get that info to you.

So here’s a list of the startup jobs that have come across my Skype in the last two weeks. Go get ‘em.

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Eliptigo  (San Diego, CA)
Key Account Manager: Sales in the hospitality industry, like hotels around the beautiful beaches in SoCal, and beyond. Anyone creative enough to reach out to unique market segments to sell this very cool bike. International sales will also fall to this person. So, hmmm, beaches, hotels and international travel. Not bad, not bad.
Qualifications: Large account experience a bonus, but doesn’t have to be with these types of accounts, or selling bikes. But from what I saw, you better be a fitness buff. The company isn’t filled with weekend warriors; some of these guys have done multiple Iron Man competitions. So go work on that six pack while you work on getting this job.

HubShout  (Rochester, NY)
SEO Marketing Sales: Again, you get it. Know SEO and PPC, want to help other companies know SEO and PPC? Here’s how you can do that! This company is an SEO reseller, and they need your help reselling.
Qualifications: Their posting says sales experience mandatory, but in the interview their founder Chad says he’s had some great hires that came from foodservice. Good waiters know how to push the specials. So you don’t have to be a total techy to get this job.

WordWatch (San Jose, CA)
PPC/Client Managers (multiple positions): Experience with Ad Words a plus, but could be your own personal experience on your own personal blog. Just know how it works, and how WordWatch works. And go get some work! (Training available on the job too.)
Marketing Manager/ Partnership Ninja: (they said it, not me!) Affiliate and OEM management.

Jobs Featured in Three to Get Ready video series

Go listen to the entrepreneur explain exactly how to get the job first!

LaunchLeads (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Marketing Director (Not posted, but if you’re qualified hit ’em up.)
Marketing research assistants 5+ positions, part time, perfect for college students.
For the inside scoop from the founder: Want a Job? Date a Startup

LifeKraze (Chatanoga, TN)
Developer: Well-rounded, they’re working on mobile applications now, so if you’ve got that, great!
For the inside scoop from the founder: Work for a Startup, Change the World (NYC)
Front end developer: Full stack, HTML5, CSS3, ruby on rails, and other stuff that makes no sense to me.
For the inside scoop from the founder: This Startup is Hiring A FEW GOOD MEN

SlideRocket (San Fran)
Media & communications manager
Business strategy analyst (looking for new college grads)
Social media & community manager
Web designer/developer – marketing application group
Marketing automation manager/developer
Sr. web engineer/developer
Sr. MTS-Operations engineer
Sr. Quality engineer manager
Sr. Web engineer
Sr. User experience designer
For the inside scoop from the founder: Words from the CEO (w the worst audio/video syncing you’ve ever seen. opps)

Got questions about these job? Drop ’em in the comments and I’ll get answers.