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Face it guy (or guy-ess), you’re running a business. An. Entire. Business. You’re busy, yo.

You’ve got more than a few scorching hot irons in that blazing hot fire you call your day. There might be some things you need to let go of.

It’s okay; I gotcha covered. (And I promise to never say “yo” when we work together.)

Yes Virginia, too much work (or hairspray) can make you crazy. I can help.

A Few Ways We Can Work Together Right Now:

Price: $297

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Coffee and a Nudge (50 min consult)

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. Someone to bounce an idea off of. Someone to slap, ah nudge, some reality into you. If that’s the case, let’s have coffee.

We’ll set up a call (Skype or old school), you’ll grab a cup o joe, and we’ll talk. Simple.

Who is This For +

Three types of people; the newbie, the established but stuck, and the job seeker.

  • You’re a newbie if you have a business idea, but have no idea how to get started. Or, you’re not sure if you should get started at all. Either way, you’re dying to talk to someone about it. You have specific questions about starting a specific business, or launching a specific product, but you didn’t know the specific person to ask. Now you know—ask me. I can help.
  • You’re established but stuck if you have a business already but aren’t sure about the next chapter in the life of that business. You have a storefront but are thinking about selling products on line. You have a product and are thinking of adding a line extension. You have brand but you’re thinking your positioning could be stronger. Basically you’re thinking. In your head. And now you want to say it out loud. Let’s chat.
  • You know if you’re a job seeker, but you really only want to know me if you’re seeking a job with a startup. Yes, I’ve had corporate jobs. I worked for a Fortune 100 company. A great Fortune 100 company. It was a snoozer. Just not my cup of tea. So if you want to work there, you want to talk to someone else. If you want to break into the startup world, then we have something to talk about. So let’s talk about it.
How it Works +

After purchasing you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to my online calendar. You’ll pick the time that works best for you and lock it up.

In the email there will also be a few questions about your business, or the problem you’re trying to solve. These questions will help me get prepared for our talk. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. (No stress, there are no wrong answers.)

Then we’ll talk; by phone or by Skype, whichever you prefer. After our talk you’ll receive a recording of our call along with a brief summary email.

Why so cheap? Yes, this is a significant discount off my regular consulting rate. But when I consult, the startups want me to do the work. (Those crazy startups.) Here, we’re just talking…and you're going to go do the work. I’m just giving you some clarity and a nudge in the right direction. And face it, you’re bringing your own coffee.

Ready to grab a cup of coffee and some sanity? Grab it now. You’ll be sent a link to my calendar and we’ll get booked.

Price: $997

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Identity Crisis Fix (Copywriting)

Is your business lost in a sea of vanilla fluff? All squishy around the edges? Not standing out? Not sure if you did stand out, what you’d stand for? You, my bland friend, are in need of some brand-ness.

People buy from people they like and trust and understand. They buy products that they think will make them happier or smarter or skinnier or some other ‘er.’

To be liked, to be purchased, you have to be understood. Get clear on who you are, and others will be clear too. I can help with that.

Who is This For +

The business owner who knows what they don’t know; and what they don’t know is copy.

That’s okay, you know lots of other stuff. Like every other detail of your business. I can help you get those details on the page in a way that will woo your customers and make you smile. All the way to the bank.

(If you were hoping to see “job seeker” here because you want help with a resume, we should talk. We’ll start by talking about the fact that you shouldn’t be focusing on a resume. Then we’ll talk terms to see if I can help you write some clever emails that will turn a startup founder's head. Email me and let’s get that done.)

What It Is & How it Works +

I’ll write up to two pages of personality filled prose about you, your business, or your product. (In copywriting speak that means about 500 words.) The type of copy that would be used for:

  • Bios, executive profiles, about pages
  • Product copy / consumer messaging
  • Marketing or sales brochures
  • Websites, networking sites, blogs

How it works

  • Step 1 (the download): A 1-hour call where I pick your brain and suck out all the relevant, juicy, personality-filled details about you, or your business, or your product. We get to the heart of who you are, or what your product does, and what emotion you want to elicit from your customers. (hint: if you want to sell, step one is  to elicit an emotion.)
  • Step 2 (the work): I work my magic and you get a first draft. Why a “draft?” Well, we may nail it the first time, but sometimes it can be a shock to read about yourself or your product in someone else’s words. Kinda like being a celebrity and reading your first interview in a magazine. Sometimes you want to start signing autographed copies, sometimes you want to take stuff back. It’s okay, that’s why there’s a second round.
  • Step 3 (the rework): You send me your likes and dislikes, I make the necessary adjustments, and send you a final draft.

And we’re done. It’s that easy.

Careful: This service can get addictive. Once your bio sings like the meadowlark you always thought you were, you’ll want your home pages to sing that same toe-tapping tune. And then it’s your service descriptions, and your product labels, and your ad copy.

I draw the line at writing your Christmas cards. Really, your mother deserves better.

Price: $4,970

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The Plan (startup business plans)

Any good business has a good business plan. Though many entrepreneurs find the idea of writing one repugnant. For one reason, they want to be nimble and be able to make changes in a moment’s notice. They think a plan prevents that. For another, they’re just too damned busy to get it done.

I say you’re too damned busy to waste any more time without a plan.

A good plan, a well-researched plan, allows for changes. Even at a moment’s notice. But it arms you with enough knowledge—of your competitors, your industry and your business—so that you make the right changes. The informed changes. Not just the feels right, right now, changes.

A Good Plan Also.... +

A well-researched business plan also:

  • focuses your efforts (because who has got time to waste.)
  • solidifies your brand/message/product/selling proposition (because that’s how you bring home the bacon.)
  • discovers new opportunities (What? Didn’t see that coming? That’s because you don’t have a plan.)
  • and makes you better equipped to crush your competitors (because who doesn’t want to do that?)

In an ideal world the business owner/founder should write the plan. I highly, highly, highly recommend it. You learn an enormous amount during the process of writing and researching the business.

In the real world, some owners/founders just don’t have the time to get it done. So I will.

Who is This For +

Soloprenueurs or small business owners with either an existing business that is ready to get focused, a business that is ready to move to the next phase, or who need a document for a third party. (ie investors, retailers, business partners)

  • You are ready to get focused if you’ve been in business for a short time and you jumped in before doing your homework. That’s okay, no points off. Sometimes the idea is that good, or the passion is that strong, that you just need to get going. But now it’s time to take a good look at who and where you are. You want to make sure you’re setting yourself apart in your industry. You want to know your competitors. You want to be a business.
  • You are ready to move to next level if you’re running a successful business and now you’re ready to expand. Maybe you want to move your product or service online. Maybe you’re ready for a line extension. Bottom line is that your bottom line shows you’re ready to grow. And you want to grow in the smartest direction.
  • You know who you are if you need a business plan to show to someone else. You’re looking for investors, or funding or a business partners. You need a business plan that proves your financial assumptions. You need an investor deck.
How it Works & What You'll Get +

You’ll need to supply the financials, in the proper format. (Though I can help you with some awesome user-friendly templates.) These financials will help shape the rest of the plan.

You’ll also supply any research you have for the industry or category, any sales data, any sale material or brand material.

We’ll talk through everything during an initial download phone consult (1-hr). You’ll share the current state of the business, your goals, what you know about your competitors and where you hope to take the business.

Then I’ll do my own research and get to writing it all out. In the process you’ll learn about your brand, your competitors and your opportunities.

You'll get a Word document with all the primary sections of a startup business plan that you can use to keep yourself on track, to education new hires, to show banks or investors how you’re doing and where you’re going and why they should finance you.

Sections include:

  • Executive summary
  • Business description
  • Product or service description
  • Marketing & sales strategy


Note: I'm currently booked, and not taking new clients for this service. If you'd like to get on the wait list, please email me.

Why Work With Me?

I've Been There

When I’m not writing, I’m consulting with startups on all things startup-ity. Product launches, consumer communication strategy, copywriting, business plans, public relations, speech writing, investor decks, licensing, web, social media strategy, investor decks. Did I mention those already? Yeah, well, I work with a lot of startups. You know how it goes.

And I’ve worked and/or consulted with some pretty cool brands, big and small. Brands like:

Coca-Cola, AMAzon Beverages, Disney, EMAK Worldwide, Triggerlite Flashlight, Sonrics Candy, Title Sports Drink, BellyWashers & TummyTicklers, Bobs Candies, Kids First Art, Quick Restaurant Group (France), Young & Rubicam (Mexico), Tokyo Time Out, Kentucky Fried Chicken (Mexico).

(Just to name a few.)

Work with Kathy Ver Eecke

But more important, I understand what you're going through.

I know what it feels like to have crushing deadlines, but not know where to start. I know what it's like to know you have the right product idea, but not know how to make that product take shape. I know what it's like to need to reach consumers, but not know where to find them. I know, because I've been there. And I've worked through it. I've found the way.

So follow me, I'll show you to the light.

Praise That Made Me All Tingly

This was the best investment we have made to date as a startup. Kathy gave us great depth of advice and insight in such a short space of time. Looking forward to our next consultation! Kathy really knows her stuff and shows genuine understanding and interest in where we are before giving excellent, tailored advice and guidance. Highly recommend.

- Mick Barrett, ManageMy GPS (Australia)

Kathy helped me figure out what was wrong with my site very quickly and in depth. She knows what she is doing and I was glad to have her thoughtful comments and suggestions. This is not somebody with a boilerplate solution, she really took the time to understand what the problems were and my business. Time well spent and I intend to implement her suggestions.

- Ian James,

Kathy showed me how to triple my consulting rates, move my business online and create a passive revenue stream. She completely reshaped my business model.

- Christina Ranallo,

Kathy's commitment, responsiveness and most import, knowledge for marketing and writing were above and beyond. She helped me clarify my market and message, structure my programs and create copy that truly expressed the heart of my service clearly and powerfully.  She also provided invaluable guidance as to my business model and next steps.

- Shirly Joy Weiss, Holistic wellness coach

Kathy – You’re amazing. Seriously, your brain dump just blew my mind. We’ve been talking about doing things like this, but hearing your logic, rationale and thought process really helps me understand exactly the right approach and angle.

- Shaila Ittycheria, Co-founder, Enstitute

Your quick, thorough, and unbelievably insightful advice on optimizing our website not only helped us with our SEO, but also provided lessons that we will leverage as we develop additional collateral. Jargon aside–because you didn’t use it–you’re worth every dime and then some.

- Joan McGeachy, Co-Founder - Highgate MBA Admissions Consulting

We loved working with Kathy. She was the ultimate professional. She seemed to care about us and the work that she did for us. We would highly recommend her services. She used meetings over Skype and her sense of humor made this a very enjoyable experience.

- David & Kathryn Gerhard, Kingdom Ranch (Treasure in Heaven board game)

Questions about working with me?

Bring ‘em. Working with new people can be tough, in particular when you don’t have time to explain what needs to get done. I get it. So if you’ve got questions, email me.

I will tell you this up front…I’m not for the faint of heart.  I can be blunt. Brutally brunt. Yes, you’re the client, I know. But, if you don’t want to smell what the Rock’s got cooking…wait, wrong show, wrong decade. If you don’t want real advice, real feedback, look elsewhere. I’m just saying, I don’t mince words. I tell it like it is. If you don’t want to know what it is, you don’t want to know me.

But I hope you do want to know me. Because I want to know you, and I look forward to helping you grow your business.

Ready to Get Started? Let's go. Your Business is Waiting.