Hey! Did you know?

According to the FTC Guidelines, bloggers must utilize a Disclosure Policy if their site includes endorsements or advertising.

That means if you buy a product or service that you linked to from my site, you should know that I might make a commission. Or, if I review a product (positively or negatively) I might have been given that product for free, or been paid for that review. You may also see obvious advertising on my blog, for which I was obviously paid.

Why am I making money on Working for Wonka? Well, if you read my blog, you know that I am telling tales of many of my old entrepreneur bosses. And although I don’t mention them by name, they know who they are. I’m just guessing, but I don’t think I’ll be getting a lot of business from them in the future. Could be wrong. But just in case, a girl’s gotta eat. So I might make money on the blog.

Have questions about this? Bring ’em: monkey (at) workingforwonka.com