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They’re a unique breed; characteristics and traits often seen in entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Time – like working in The Matrix without the cool coats

If you work for an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to learn about entrepreneur time. All startups run on it, so you better get used to it.

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Inc. Mag Says Your Boss Wants to Get High – 6 surprising facts about entrepreneurs

Do you know your entrepreneur boss? Find out with this glimpse at the day in the life of an entrepreneurs.

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Characteristics of an Entrepreneur Boss – Recognize Your Boss? (Friday Fun)

Corporate America is filled with good bosses and bad bosses. Entrepreneurial startups are filled with quirky bosses. For a little Friday brain break, I give you this list of entrepreneur characteristics to watch out for. If your boss fits any of the profiles, never fear. I know a place offering two for one straitjackets; one…

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Why 80% of Entrepreneurs are Happy – and why you might not be

Almost 80 percent of entrepreneurs say they’re happy they don’t have a boss. Things that make you go hmmmm.

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Enough About Me – Interviewing for a Job With an Entrepreneur

Job interviews with entrepreneurs are unlike any interview you’ve been in before. And sometimes the less you say, the better.

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Entrepreneurs Think Your Degree is Stupid

Do you have an MBA? A successful entrepreneur says you’ve wasted your time, and tells his colleagues you’re not a good bet to hire.

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Your Baby is Ugly (and other things not to tell your entrepreneur boss)

Thinking about quitting your job with a start-up? Be Sure. It may be an insult you can’t recover from.

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Even the Mighty Fear Public Speaking – Find Out Why

Afraid of Public Speaking

Does your chronically over-confident entrepreneur boss cower in front of a mic? We’re not surprised.

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5 Benefits to a Boss with no Experience

A publishing company launched by a professional sky-diver? The pro’s and
con’s of working for an entrepreneur industry newbie.

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Corporate Hatred for Richard Branson

In a recent interview, Richard Branson said his business is nothing like a “big giant corporation.” Really dude?

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