Are you captivated by your job, or are you being held captive? Take our (very unscientific) quiz and see for yourself.

1. The toxic level of stress you feel 24/7 is due to:
A. the challenging workload typical of a start-up.
B. you fear that Mr. Hyde will come to work instead of Dr. Jekyl.

2. You toss and turn at night because:
A. you wonder if you could have done something (on your impossibly long list of tasks) better.
B. you fear the of the wrath of your boss if he thinks you could have done something (on your impossibly long list of tasks) better.

3. You eat bland, over-salted frozen meals at your desk everyday because:
A. it’s a start-up and you need every minute of your day to get the job done.
B. you fear getting fired if your boss finds your desk empty even for a minute. (Or worse, the boss will think you’re not passionate enough, or even a whimp for needing the break.)

4. You’ve forgotten your friend’s names and your parent’s phone number because:
A. you’re passionate and excited about the job. There’ll be time for friends and family when the product launches, the big meeting is over, or the next big hurdle is hurdled.
B. you leave work too drained to string a sentence together, let alone have a conversation.

5. You are on the verge of tears most of the time because:
A. you simply cannot take the mind-numbing stress a minute longer.
B. you just broke up with your significant other, your dog died, or something equally (and actually) horrible.

If you answered A to most or all of the above: Don’t be a weenie. Get back to work! The stress you feel is momentary, and normal for a start-up. Work through it!
If you answered B to most or all of the above: Your boss is a weenie. Get a life and get out while you can.

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