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Thanks for booking time with me. I can't wait to dig into your business. Please check your inbox for an (automated) email from me that includes a link to my online calendar. If you don't receive this email in the next 15 minutes, feel free to reach out to me directly: kathy @ DoneByLunch dot com, and we'll get you scheduled.

I'll record our session so that you can go back and review if needed. Typically these consults are done via Skype, but if you're camera shy, we can do it by phone. Just let me know what works best for you.

Thanks again - I look forward to working with you.


Praise That Made Me All Tingly

Kathy – You’re amazing. Seriously, your brain dump just blew my mind. We’ve been talking about doing things like this, but hearing your logic, rationale and thought process really helps me understand exactly the right approach and angle. - Shaila Ittycheria, Co-Founder - Enstitute
Your quick, thorough, and unbelievably insightful advice on optimizing our website not only helped us with our SEO, but also provided lessons that we will leverage as we develop additional collateral. Jargon aside–because you didn’t use it–you’re worth every dime and then some. - Joan McGeachy, Co-Founder - Highgate MBA Admissions Consulting
Kathy showed me how to triple my consulting rates, move my business online and create a passive revenue stream. She completely reshaped my business model. - Christina Ranalla, Creative Director - PenPaperWrite

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