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Tools to help get the impossible job done. And if you work for a startup, there WILL be impossible jobs!

The Trouble with Startup Business Plans

Are you struggling to write a business plan for your startup? I can’t imagine why. It’s not like every second of every minute of every day is already filled to the absolute brim with the details of working at your startup. What’s that you say? It is filled to the brim? Oh. Of course, your…

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Why Your New Startup Needs an Old School Press Release

Some experts say the Press Release is dead, journalist say otherwise. Learn why a press release is critical to your company’s communication plan.

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I’ve Gone Spelunking (and returned with tools for startups!)

Really. Just not the spelunking you’re thinking of. This kind will help you survive your startup and your entrepreneur boss.

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Get Schooled in Entrepreneurship: New Book Says Startups Can Be Low Risk

School for Startups

This new book on startups challenges all of your (okay, my) preconceived notions about entrepreneurs. Written by an entrepreneur who fits all my preconceived notions.

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How to Write a Business Plan Quickly: Tom & Jerry’s Product Description (Video 3)

Continuing with entrepreneurs Tom & Jerry, this video walks you through the Product or Service Description section of your business plan.

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How to Write a Business Plan Quickly: Tom & Jerry’s Executive Summary (video 2)

This video uses Tom & Jerry as example entrepreneurs to illustrate how to write the Business Description section of your business plan.

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New Video Resource Series: Get it Done by Lunch

If you work for an entrepreneur you are going to be asked to do the impossible…before lunch.

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Turn Up the Volume (and tune out the stress)

It’s Friday, and if you work for an entrepreneur, your brain is about to explode. Never fear, help is on the way.

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Help! When the Entrepreneur Boss Asks for the Impossible

Rome would have been built in a day, if the project had been run by entrepreneurs. Need help? We got ya covered.

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