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Unusual minds make unusual managers. Learn what to expect if you work for an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Time – like working in The Matrix without the cool coats

If you work for an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to learn about entrepreneur time. All startups run on it, so you better get used to it.

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Horrible Bosses – 4 Ways to Cope Without Killing

Horrible Bosses - 4 Ways to Cope Without Killing Them

Hollywood says for every bad boss, there’s a bad murder plot.We’ve got a better idea, along with tools that won’t land you in jail.

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How to Manage Your Boss – Lesson from the bathroom stall

It’s can be the little things that your boss does that make you crazy. Did you ever think that you make your boss crazy too?

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Entrepreneurs Think Your Degree is Stupid

Do you have an MBA? A successful entrepreneur says you’ve wasted your time, and tells his colleagues you’re not a good bet to hire.

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Your Baby is Ugly (and other things not to tell your entrepreneur boss)

Thinking about quitting your job with a start-up? Be Sure. It may be an insult you can’t recover from.

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Since You Put it That Way – 5 Tips for Dealing with a Verbally Abusive Boss

Entrepreneur and hot head, Patti Stanger, shows us who’s boss. And it’s caught on tape. Oh the pitfalls of quasi-celebrity.

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Brother, Can You Spare a … Platinum Card?

Brother, Can You Spare a ... Platinum Card?

A homeless man exhibited entrepreneur characteristics, and walked away with a Platinum AmEx.

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