How to Write a Business Plan Quickly: Tom & Jerry’s Executive Summary (video 2)

This video uses Tom & Jerry as example entrepreneurs to illustrate how to write the Business Description section of your business plan.

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New Video Resource Series: Get it Done by Lunch

If you work for an entrepreneur you are going to be asked to do the impossible…before lunch.

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It’s Not You – It’s Your Lazy Genes

Have trouble keeping up with your entrepreneur boss? You may have a medical excuse!

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5 Signs of StartUp Stockholm Syndrome

Are you hostage to a bad boss? If you work for a start-up you might not even realize it. Take our (not so scientific) quiz and find out.

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Turn Up the Volume (and tune out the stress)

It’s Friday, and if you work for an entrepreneur, your brain is about to explode. Never fear, help is on the way.

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Help! When the Entrepreneur Boss Asks for the Impossible

Rome would have been built in a day, if the project had been run by entrepreneurs. Need help? We got ya covered.

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Entrepreneur of the Weak – Richard Heene (Pun Intended)

Richard Heene Bear Scratch

Balloon Boy’s dad is at it again. And he makes our Entrepreneur of the Weak list. No, that’s not a typo.

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Even the Mighty Fear Public Speaking – Find Out Why

Afraid of Public Speaking

Does your chronically over-confident entrepreneur boss cower in front of a mic? We’re not surprised.

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Is a Start-Up Right for You? Or Are You a Square Peg in the Wrong Role?

Are you a good fit for an entrepreneurial start-up? If you’ve got a corporate resume, you may find the switch exhilarating. Or you might not.

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Entrepreneur of the Week – The Park Spark Project

Park Spark Project

You’ve heard of turning water into wine? Well, this group turned s*!$ to shinola. Literally.

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